Our story begins with the question:
Why do we have a hallway full of shoes,
but only one pair of glasses?

That’s because good-looking glasses are expensive.
The right lenses even more so.
And cheap glasses look, well cheap.

That’s why we asked ourselves the next question:
Why does it have to be like that?

Our answer: It doesn’t.
Welcome OWL.

Who is OWL?

We are three friends from Berlin and Hamburg,
that have put their heart and soul into
the intricate details of a new era of glasses.

We are the place on the web that supplies
good-looking glasses and great lenses
for an honest price.
We are David, Lars und Phil
(one of us had to take the picture).

OWL Team

Say woot-woot

OWL on Instagramhejhej@owloptics.comOr by magic messenger owl